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  • We offer two ways to Advertise: 


  • (1) Sponsorship - Your Advertisement will be shown on every page of the Directory with a link to your Business Website.  This is the most efficient type of Advertising and will give you the Best Exposure for your Business to Tens of Thousands of Visitors every Month. Medicine Hat Directory has been operating since 1999.  (See Sample)  (Limited to 5 Ads)


  • (2)  Category Ads - Your Advertisement will be shown on the specific page of your Business with a link to your Business Website & your Business Telephone Number.  Are  you looking for Inexpensive Advertising, then this is Perfect for You.  Each page of our Business Directory is for a Specific Category.  IE:  Fast Foods list all the Fast Food Establishments in Medicine Hat with their Address and Phone Numbers with a link to their Websites and Phone Numbers.  This is an Effective type of Advertising where you target specific customers that are interested in your type of business.  We are selling only one add per category/page.  Your banner would be listed on top of the category on all pages for that category.  So only one of the Business's listed under that category/page will be able to advertise on that page.  

  •  Sample of a Category Ad -

  • Category Ad (Static or Animated) with a mouse rollover link to your web site. 


  • Both Sponsor Ad & Category Ad's will have their specific listing in Bold Print Distinguishing it from other Business's Listed.

  • Sponsor Ad:  (We will work with Sponsor to Design and Prepare Ad)  Included in Pricing.​ Cost is only $3.50 / Day with a Minimum 1 Year, payable in Advance.

  • Category Ad:  Cost is ONLY 75 Cents / Day with a Minimum of 1 Year, payable in Advance. (If we Design the Ad: $50.00), (If you have your own Ad-Design it is FREE ) 400 Pixels X 51 Pixels.  (Gif or JPEG) and must be no larger than 20 Kb in file size.   

  • Contact us thru our Contact page to make arrangements for your Sponsorship or Category Ad Today.

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