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The Monarch Theatre is CLOSED every Monday & Tuesday.  Every Wednesday and Sunday are 6 & 6. This means admission is $6 and you can get a medium pop & popcorn combo for only $6. Regular Programming runs Thursday through Sunday with evening films showing at 7:30 pm and Matinees on Saturday and Sunday Afternoon at 3:00 pm.

Regular Admission prices are:
$8.50 for Adults
$7.50 for Seniors(65+) 
$7.50 Students (with Valid Student ID)
$6.50 for Kids(12 and under)
Doors open 45 minutes before show time.

Dinner & Movie @ Inspire Cafe, 548-2233 (Wednesday and Friday)

Dinner & Movie @ Industry Pub, 403-527-9782 (Wednesday and Friday)

Showtimes at the Monarch Theatre


Showing Nov 8, 9, 10, 13 & 14 @ 7:30 PM   Downton Abbey

Rating:  PG - 13

Genre:     Historical Period Drama / Excitement is high at Downton Abbey when the Crawley family learns that King George V and Queen Mary are coming to visit. But trouble soon arises when Mrs. Patmore, Daisy and the rest of the servants learn that the king and queen travel with their own chefs and attendants — setting the stage for an impromptu scheme and other shenanigans.

Release:  November 15th,  Harriet      

Rating:  PG - 13

Genre:  From her escape from slavery through the dangerous missions she led to liberate hundreds of slaves through the Underground Railroad, the story of heroic abolitionist Harriet Tubman is told.





Music at The Monarch

Tickets may be purchased at Inspire Cafe (675 - 2nd St. SE) 403-548-2233. Or you can order by phone with a Visa or MasterCard by calling the Scott Woods Band Office at 1-855-726-8896.

  • Adult: $25

  • Child: $10


  • The Addams Family WATCH TRAILER

    PG | Animation, Comedy

    Regular Showtimes

    Fri, Nov 15: 3:50pm
    Sat, Nov 16: 1:10pm 3:50pm
    Sun, Nov 17: 1:10pm 3:50pm
    Tue, Nov 19: 3:50pm

  • Charlie's Angels WATCH TRAILER

    PG | Action/Adventure, Comedy

    Stars & Strollers Showtimes

    Wed, Nov 20: 1:00pm

    Regular Showtimes

    Thu, Nov 14: 7:00pm 9:50pm
    Fri, Nov 15: 3:50pm 7:00pm 9:50pm
    Sat, Nov 16: 1:00pm 3:50pm 7:00pm 9:50pm
    Sun, Nov 17: 1:00pm 3:50pm 7:00pm 9:50pm
    Mon, Nov 18: 7:00pm 9:50pm
    Tue, Nov 19: 3:50pm 7:00pm 9:50pm
    Wed, Nov 20: 7:00pm 9:50pm

  • Doctor Sleep WATCH TRAILER

    14A | Drama, Horror

    Regular Showtimes

    Thu, Nov 14: 6:50pm 10:00pm
    Fri, Nov 15: 3:40pm 6:50pm 10:00pm
    Sat, Nov 16: 12:30pm 3:40pm 6:50pm 10:00pm
    Sun, Nov 17: 12:30pm 3:40pm 6:50pm 10:00pm
    Mon, Nov 18: 6:50pm 10:00pm
    Tue, Nov 19: 3:40pm 6:50pm 10:00pm
    Wed, Nov 20: 6:50pm 10:00pm

  • Ford v Ferrari WATCH TRAILER

    PG | Action/Adventure, Drama

    Regular Showtimes

    Thu, Nov 14: 6:30pm 9:40pm
    Fri, Nov 15: 3:35pm 6:45pm 9:55pm
    Sat, Nov 16: 12:25pm 3:35pm 6:45pm 9:55pm
    Sun, Nov 17: 12:25pm 3:35pm 6:45pm 9:55pm
    Mon, Nov 18: 6:45pm 9:55pm
    Tue, Nov 19: 3:35pm 6:45pm 9:55pm
    Wed, Nov 20: 6:45pm 9:55pm

  • The Good Liar WATCH TRAILER

    14A | Drama, Thriller

    Stars & Strollers Showtimes

    Wed, Nov 20: 1:00pm

    Regular Showtimes

    Fri, Nov 15: 3:55pm 7:10pm 9:40pm
    Sat, Nov 16: 1:05pm 3:55pm 7:10pm 9:40pm
    Sun, Nov 17: 1:05pm 3:55pm 7:10pm 9:40pm
    Mon, Nov 18: 7:10pm 9:40pm
    Tue, Nov 19: 3:55pm 7:10pm 9:40pm
    Wed, Nov 20: 7:10pm 9:40pm


    14A | Drama, Thriller

    Regular Showtimes

    Thu, Nov 14: 7:05pm 9:50pm
    Fri, Nov 15: 4:00pm 7:15pm 10:05pm
    Sat, Nov 16: 1:10pm 4:00pm 7:15pm 10:05pm
    Sun, Nov 17: 1:10pm 4:00pm 7:15pm 10:05pm
    Mon, Nov 18: 7:15pm 10:05pm
    Tue, Nov 19: 4:00pm 7:15pm 10:05pm
    Wed, Nov 20: 7:15pm 10:05pm

  • Last Christmas WATCH TRAILER

    PG | Comedy, Romance

    Regular Showtimes

    Thu, Nov 14: 7:10pm 9:35pm
    Fri, Nov 15: 3:45pm 7:20pm 10:00pm
    Sat, Nov 16: 1:15pm 3:45pm 7:20pm 10:00pm
    Sun, Nov 17: 1:15pm 3:45pm 7:20pm 10:00pm
    Mon, Nov 18: 7:20pm 10:00pm
    Tue, Nov 19: 3:45pm 7:20pm 10:00pm
    Wed, Nov 20: 7:20pm 10:00pm

  • Maleficent: Mistress of Evil WATCH TRAILER

     Rate Movie Write a Review

    PG | 1h 58m | Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi/Fantasy

    3D Showtimes

    Thu, Nov 14: 6:45pm 9:30pm




     Rate Movie Write a Review

    PG | 2h 18m | Action/Adventure, Drama

    Regular Showtimes

    Thu, Nov 14: 6:40pm 9:55pm
    Fri, Nov 15: 3:40pm 6:40pm 9:45pm
    Sat, Nov 16: 12:40pm 3:40pm 6:40pm 9:45pm
    Sun, Nov 17: 12:40pm 3:40pm 6:40pm 9:45pm
    Mon, Nov 18: 6:40pm 9:45pm
    Tue, Nov 19: 3:40pm 6:40pm 9:45pm
    Wed, Nov 20: 6:40pm 9:45pm

  • Playing with Fire WATCH TRAILER

    G |Comedy, Family

    Regular Showtimes

    Thu, Nov 14: 7:25pm 9:45pm
    Fri, Nov 15: 3:30pm 7:30pm 10:10pm
    Sat, Nov 16: 12:45pm 3:30pm 7:30pm 10:10pm
    Sun, Nov 17: 12:45pm 3:30pm 7:30pm 10:10pm
    Mon, Nov 18: 7:30pm 10:10pm
    Tue, Nov 19: 3:30pm 7:30pm 10:10pm
    Wed, Nov 20: 7:30pm 10:10pm

  • Terminator: Dark Fate WATCH TRAILER

    14A | Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi/Fantasy

    Regular Showtimes

    Thu, Nov 14: 6:55pm 10:05pm
    Fri, Nov 15: 4:05pm 7:05pm 10:10pm
    Sat, Nov 16: 12:55pm 4:05pm 7:05pm 10:10pm
    Sun, Nov 17: 12:55pm 4:05pm 7:05pm 10:10pm
    Mon, Nov 18: 7:05pm 10:10pm
    Tue, Nov 19: 4:05pm 7:05pm 10:10pm
    Wed, Nov 20: 7:05pm 10:10pm

  • Zombieland: Double Tap WATCH TRAILER

    18A | Action/Adventure, Comedy, Horror

    Regular Showtimes

    Thu, Nov 14: 7:30pm 9:50pm
    Fri, Nov 15: 7:25pm 9:45pm
    Sat, Nov 16: 7:25pm 9:45pm
    Sun, Nov 17: 7:25pm 9:45pm
    Mon, Nov 18: 7:25pm 9:45pm
    Tue, Nov 19: 7:25pm 9:45pm
    Wed, Nov 20: 7:25pm 9:45pm

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